Honeywell 92040035300 QuadraKey Card with 1K Mifare Chip Compatible

NubianRFID Proximity + Mifare 1k dual chips card comaptible with Honeywell 92040035300 QuadraKey Card with 1K Mifare Chip

92040035300 QuadraKey Card with 1K Mifare Chip

Size: 2.125" x 3.37" x 0.030"

Dual chips in one card:

  • 125KHz Proximity QuadraKey for DigiReader Series
  • 13.56MKz Contactless Mifare 1k chip (response in 12 hours)

  • Nubian-RFID



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QuadraKey Card with 1K Mifare Chip part number in Honeywell is 92040035300. It's a printable Credit card size ISO blank white PVC card. It's dual chips inside QuadraKey and Mifare 1k. Support 125KHz Low Frequency DigiReader Series and 13.56MHz High Frequency Readers.

NubianRFID dual frequency RFID Cards support: 

  • Quadrakey + Mifare 1k;
  • Quadrakey + Mifare 4k;
  • Quadrakey + Mifare Desfire EV2 4K;
  • Quadrakey + NFC Ultralight EV1, Ultralight C, NTAG213, NTAG215 etc.

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QuadraKey , 2Smart Key , NexKey , KeyMate 

The complete family of Honeywell digital credentials, clockwise from front: NexKey , KeyMate Proximity Key Fob, QuadraKey , and 2Smart Key.

When Honeywell invented proximity access control technology  in 1972 it revolutionized the security industry. Because of its convenience, dependability, enhanced security, low Designed for use with the award-winning DigiReader Series maintenance, and high end-user acceptance proximity has Digital Proximity Readers, Honeywell's digital cards provide become the most desired access control technology available. some of the longest read ranges available for passive proximity Honeywell's latest innovations in access control technology cards. 

The cards are powered by the reader; they require include: multiple-technology ISO-compliant cards, low-cost neither batteries nor maintenance. Sturdy, world-class proximity badges, and long-range proximity cards. Each card construction, advanced technology and unique numbers for provides the convenience of hands-free access, while acting as each card make them virtually impossible to counterfeit. a key to a secure and dependable access control system. 



  • Advanced digital proximity technology from the company that invented proximity access control
  • Passive proximity technology requires no batteries and helps assure each card will provide years of service with no maintenance  
  • "No-hands" access provides ultimate convenience for cardholders
  • Meets or exceeds the most demanding RF signal regulations 
  • Cards can be read through wallet or purse
  • Virtually impossible to counterfeit or duplicate
  • Support for multiple technologies enhances security and flexibility
  • Easy customization of individual cards by user or by authorized Honeywell Dealer  
  • Compact size easy to transport
  • KeyMate™ is easily fastened to any key ring or chain  
  • Makes access more convenient without compromising security  
  • Choose the card that best suits the needs of specific applications                                                                                  - QuadraKey multiple-technology ISO-compliant card                                                                                                   - 2Smart Key contact smart card plus proximity                                                                                                             - NexKey low-cost, high-feature proximity badge                                                                                                           - KeyMate , single slot for executive key fob

 Digital Cards & Keyfob

QuadraKey , 2Smart Key , NexKey , KeyMate 

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                                                  

QuadraKey Multiple-TechnologyISO-Compliant Card 

QuadraKey™ allows facilities to integrate multiple applications in one ISO-compliant card. QuadraKey™ supports proximity, magnetic stripe, photo ID with color imaging on both sides, bar code, and smart chip insertion in a package that has the same dimensions as a credit card.

2Smart Key™ Contact Smartcard Plus Proximity

The 2Smart Key™ offers the convenience of low-frequency proximity and the flexibility of an embedded contact smartchip technology with a read range of up to 18” (46cm). It offers all the flexibility of the QuadraKey™ (proximity, photo ID, etc.) plus the smartchip in addition to providing graphic quality surface for use with direct image printers. In addition to its physical access capability, 2Smart Key™ is ideal for multiple applications that call for smart card technology which include, logical access control, vending, restaurant, library, student card, biometrics and storage.

NexKey™ Low-Cost Proximity Badge
NexKey™ is a badge that brings Honeywell's advanced proximity technology into the price range of any company.

KeyMate™ Key Fob
KeyMate™ is a proximity credential that packs today’s most advanced passive proximity technology in a credential that is small
enough to fit on a key chain. With the same award-winning design as Honeywell’s DigiReader® Digital Proximity Reader, KeyMate™ is as attractive as it is durable. Covert, attractive, and sturdy, KeyMate™ is ideal for use as an executive credential, or in any application that requires the ultimate convenience in hands-free access technology


92040025000 QuadraKey™ Card with Magnetic Stripe
92940025300 QuadraKey™ with Magnetic Stripe and No Logo
92940025400 QuadraKey™ Card with No Magnetic Stripe
92950025400 Thicker QuadraKey™ with No Magnetic Stripe
92040035300 QuadraKey™ Card with 1K Mifare Chip
92040200000 NexKey™ Digital Proximity Card w/Blue Skin & NexKey Logo
92040201000 NexKey™ Digital Proximity Card w/White Skin & NexKey Logo
92040400000 KeyMate™ Keyfob