NubianRFID proximity fully compatible with NexWatch DigiReader Series Quadrakey NexKey2020-05-18

NubianRFID launch 125KHz Proximity Credentials (PVC Card, Clamshell Card, Key Fob, Epoxy Fob and Wristbands) fully working with NexWatch DigiReader Series readers. Compatible with Quadrakey, NexKey, KeyMate and 2Smart Key.

NexWatch Honeywell DigiReader Series

The DigiReader DR4200 Series Digital Proximity Readers (DigiReaders) are security devices that reads digital credentials at ranges from 1 to 36 inches (2‰to 91 cm) depending upon the model and the environmental conditions. NexWatch DR4200K, DR4201, DR4203, DR4205 Series, DR4220, DR4226 and DR4238 were NexWatch WSE access control readers now are part of Honeywell. It also called Honeywell DR4200K, Honeywell DR4201, Honeywell DR4203, Honeywell DR4205 Series, Honeywell DR4220, Honeywell DR4226 and Honeywell DR4238.

NexWatch Proximity Credentials working on DigiReader:

  • QuadraKey multiple-technology, ISO-compliant card. Credit Card size PVC proximity Card;
  • NexKey low-cost proximity badge. Clamshell PVC proximity Card;
  • 2Smart™ Key contact smartcard plus proximity. Dual chips PVC Card with Contact smart card chip+ Proximity Chip;
  • KeyMat keyfob-plastic proximity key fob.
NubianRFID Credentials all compatible with Quadrakey, NexKey, 2SmartKey, Keymate. It could be PVC Card type, Clamshell Card type, Plastic or Epoxy Key Fob type even wristband types. Contact [email protected] choice the best type of credentials for your system.