Of course, a big concern with NFC-based authentication is that it can be exploited if the chip is exposed or if there isn't a server verifying every certification scan. But Blue Bite claims that's not an issue with its system because every time you tap a product like Adidas' Telstar 18, it creates and verifies a unique authentication ID can't be replicated by third parties. Not only that, but it helps that the NFC chip is stuck to the inside of one of the panels of the ball, making it tougher for anyone to remove and tamper with.

Blue Bite says right now it's working with about 15 companies, ranging from jewelry makers like Bulgari to fashion brand Pinko, and the hope is to add more in the near future. Still, as promising as Blue Bite's service is, ultimately its success will depend on support from brands. And we can all agree we need an easy way to find out if what we buy is indeed the real deal.