NubianRFID Credentials Index2019-06-20


 An NubianRFID Card is a credit card size piece of plastic that contains electronic circuitry that works with RFID Access control contain HID, AWID, Keyscan, FarPointe, RBH readers. The term “Card” is often loosely applied to Keyfobs and Tags as well. 


A plastic device, roughly the size of a car key, that works like a Card. It is more rugged than a card and very convenient to carry on a key ring. It has a shorter “Read Range” (distance from the reader) than a true card because it is smaller. 


Tags work like Cards, but are made in a circular shape. a little larger than a quarter. They have an adhesive back and can be adhered to any non-metallic surface to allow some other device to work like an RFID HID, AWID, Keyscan, FarPointe, RBH Cards. Like the Keyfob, Tags have a shorter read range.


Wristband work like cards, but made in a circular shape to wear on wrist. They have different material bands cover silicone rubber, fabric, plastic. Work with RFID Access Control like HID, AWID, Keyscan, FarPointe, RBH readers. With one time use clasp using on one time use e-pass for events like shows,pubs and music festival.

Model--- Every NubianRFID credential has a unique “Base Part Number”. This number is used      when ordering  Cards,  Keyfobs or Tags to identify exactly what you want to buy. 

Options---Each Model has a unique set of available options selected from the following choices. For example, a Tag is not available with a slot punch; however, you still must enter an “N” in the order form. 

Programming---Every HID, AWID, RBH, KeyScan Card, Keyfob or Tag must have specific data programmed into it before it can be used. Most customers have NubianRFID do the programming and order their cards that way. A few customers have their own programmers and order non-programmed cards. 

Front / Back  Surface finishing--- is a term that defines the appearance of the Front and Back  of every credential. Options include color, glossy finish, custom artwork, etc. Front and Back Packaging are defined individually. 

Credential  Numbering---  There are two distinct “Numbers” that apply to each credential. Every programmed Card, Numbering Keyfob, Tag will have a number inside  it that will be read by the HID reader when the card is used. This is the “Internal Number. It is how an Access Control Unit recognizes the Credential. It is also possible for cards to have a number printed on the outside surface. This number is for use by people who manage the entry of cardholder data into an Access Control System. It can be the same as, or different from the internal number. 

Slot Punch--- Some cards can have a slot punched in the edge to allow them to hang either horizontally or vertically. ProxCard II (1326) has a built-in slot. 

Custom Artwork--- Some customers pay NubianRFID to print their cards with personalized artwork. This may include Artwork a company Logo, a return address (for lost cards), or a special artistic color scheme. The card front, back, or both sides can be printed. The customer must provide the exact artwork they want to NubianRFID. We will issue a unique number for that customer to identify their artwork.