New RFID Proximity fiberglass key fob from NubianRFID2019-09-02

rfid fiberglass keyfob

NubianRFID new NK01-FR4 keyfob is made of fiberglass and epoxy. Durable material made fiberglass keyfob excellent performance. Composite material composed of woven fiberglass cloth with an epoxy resin binder. The fiber on surface looks Kind of like carbon fiber product very nice. 

This fiberglass Keyfob very popular in Europe. Supported: LF Proximity, HF Chip types.

125KHz LF support: TK/EM4100, EM4305, T5577 +RFID FR-4 Keyfob fiberglass

  • 26-bit H10301 comparable to HID
  • 26-bit Kantech ioProx XSF
  • 26-bit Farpointe Pyramind and MAXSecure
  • 26-bit AWID format compare to GR-AWID
  • 32-bit A10701 AMAG fromat
  • 32-bit Honeywell(Northern) NexKey Quadrakey
  • 34-bit N10002 Honeywell OmniProx
  • 34-bit A14001 PassPoint Ademco
  • 36-bit C15001 Keyscan
  • 35-bit comparable to HID® Corporate 1000
  • 37-bit H10302 comparable to HID
  • 37-bit H10304 comparable to HID
  • 40-bit C10106 comparable to GE CASI-RUSCO
  • 50-bit RBH 50
HF 13.56MHz support: Mifare classic 1k/4k, NFC chips, Ultralight EV1, NTAG213/215 etc..FR-4 fiberglass keyfob from NubianRFID