Nubian-RFID Proximity Credentials compatible with HID, INDALA, AWID, CASI-RUSCO Launched2018-03-07

Good news ! 

Nubian-RFID had launched Proximity Credentials including 8 Formats save your cost:
  • 26-bit H10301 comparable to HID®
  • 26-bit 40134 comparable to INDALA®
  • 26-bit AWID format compare go GR-AWID®
  • 34-bit Honeywell(Northern) Quadrakey®
  • 35-bit comparable to HID® Corporate 1000
  • 37-bit H10302 comparable to HID®
  • 37-bit H10304comparable to HID®
  • 40-bit C10106 comparable to GE CASI-RUSCO®

HID proximity 26bit cardAWID proximity cardcasi-rusco card proximityhid corporate 1000 clamshell card

Proximity Credentials:

  • Clamshell card
  • CR80 Printable PVC card & Composite PET card with or without Magnetic Stripe
  • Plastic Keyfob, Epoxy Keychain 
  • Silicone Wristband, Fabric Wristbands

HID Proximity cardHID clamshell cardHID 35bit Corporate 1000 keyfobHID 37 bit H10302 wristband

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