NubianRFID Launch RBH Access Cards and Tags Compatible Credentials2019-07-26

RBH is a Canada based company have been designing and manufacturing Access Control and Security Management systems for customers around the globe.

AWID Provide part of it's 125KHz Proximity Credentials for their 125KHz proximity access control.

RBH have exclusive wiegand format RBH 50. It's a 50bit AWID Format Facility Code( Site Code): 1~65,535; Card Number Rang: 1~ 4,294,967,295.

NubianRFID Launch Proximity Credentials cover cards, key fobs and wristbands complete supported RBH Proximity reader compatible with RBH cards.

                                          RBH Access Control 

         NubianRFID RBH50 Credentails                                                RBH Cards & Tags

NubianRFID BRH 50 Credentials advantage:

  • Fast delivery 1 week delivery
  • Flexible Facility Code and Card Number (encode for your specific request)
  • Low Cost. Can save 60% compare to other supplier.

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