NubianRFID becomes Macau International Airport access control key card supplier2023-10-04

NubianRFID received an inquiry from Macau International Airport for NEXSENTRY QUADRAKEY MULTIPLE TECHNOLOGY CARD 92040025000 #DK4002-250 on end of May 2023. The trial order quantity is 1,000 pieces of Quadrakey NexWatch for digiReaders. Lead time short to 2 weeks and provide customize printing. Purchasing agent asked sample for test after we offer the price. NubianRFID immediately arrange free samples send out at the same day.

NubianRFID fully support NexWatch's proximity key cards for the DigiReader DR4200 Series like DR4201, DR4203, DR4205, DR4220 Readers. Has ISO printable PVC card for Quadrakey, Clamshell Card for NexKey, Key fobs for Keymate, different size of coin tags and wristbands.

NubianRFID's samples successfully pass the test one week later. Macau International Airport purchasing agent expand the purchase quantity. Now NubianRFID receive renew purchase orders continuously.