NubianRFID launched new RFID label NTAG213 TT on anti-fake packing2018-10-11

NubianRFID launched new RFID label NTAG213 Tag Tamper on anti-fake packing.  

ntag213 tt stickers

1.The Antenna will broken if you try to remove.

2. The new NTAG213 TT Label, the new tag tamper functionality which is detecting the status of a tag tamper wire during the startup. 

In case of an open detection wire, the NTAG 213 TT permanently stores this event.


  •  Product authentication 
  •  Smart packaging 
  •  Smart advertisement 
  •  Goods and device authentication 
  •  Voucher and coupons 
  •  Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing 
  •  Electronic shelf labels