Smart ID card-based system makes taking school attendance easier2017-06-29

Legacy is the first school in North Dakota to have a faster automated service that helps take attendance in the classroom.

scholar chip card

ScholarChip is the new smart ID card-based system that allows administrators to take attendance at a faster rate in large lecture courses.

"It helps us quite a bit in large group because students are able to just scan in on their way in the door. That means that we have way more time for instruction in the classroom," said Dawn Krupinsky, English teacher.

Students at Legacy are excited to be the first school in the state to have this new system.

"It's been pretty cool, it's been a bumpy ride at the beginning, especially for us seniors who've been here for four years. But now that we're finally here, I just wish I could have been here for longer," said senior Naomi Gross.

"It's pretty cool because you can just go in and scan in. You don't have to write your name anywhere, you just have to do a simple thing," said Freshman Roy Alicia.

Ryan Riehl, the assistant principal at Legacy says ScholarChip is the most cost-effective, easy thing to do to take attendance for large auditorium classes.

"It's helping with not only the tracking of kids, but the efficiency of our teachers and our teachers now get to teach instead of take attendance," said Riehl.

Students say they are happy the school is giving them responsibility by allowing them to have this new technology.

So far, Legacy High School has 18 Scholar Chip card readers. If it keeps going well, they plan on adding the readers in every classroom.