Nylon cable ties RFID tag

Nubian-RFID nylon cable ties RFID transponders help identify and manage cable and products in the supply chain.  [email protected] (response in 12hours)

Nylon cable ties RFID tag

Housing Material:                        Nylon 
Working Frequency:                    125KHz , 13.56MHz, 915MHz
Standards / Protocol Support:       ISO18000-2, ISO111784/5, ISO14443A, ISO18000-6C
Chip Types:                                 TK4100, EM4305, HITAG1, Mifare 1k, Mifare Desfire , Alien Higgs-3 etc
Chemical and Environmental Resistances: Water, IP68

RFID nylon cable ties RFID transponders help identify and manage cable

rfid nylon cable ties

nylon cable ties rfid tag

rfid cable ties seal ties

NUBIAN INTERNATIONAL RFID product customization and manufacturing services. 

Providing PVC cards, RFID contactless cards, RFID token, 

RFID wristbands, RFID key fob, tags & labels and RFID antenna customization. 

Nubian- RFID tags are leaders in durability and reliability in the industry and will exhibit a positive ROI. Our RFID products fit any application or situation including:

  • RFID Access Control card, Key Fobs, badge, Wristband
  • Live show event and Music Festival RFID ticket & wristband 
  • Guard Tour Patrol system RFID Checkpoint Tag Token
  • Universal & Universal Mini Asset Tag (Mount Anywhere) 
  • Library RFID books label tag
  • NFC Tags (Near Field Communications)
  • NFC Tags for NFC enabled Bluetooth speaker and headset
  • Onsite Printable Tags 
  • Durable Universal Hard Tags for Harsh Environments 

Offering RFID tags and labels in a variety of different sizes and styles. 

We offer both preprinted and on-site printable RFID options to accommodate any type of tracking or work-in-process application.

No matter the size of the asset we have a label option to fit your needs or can custom design a solution to fit the exact specifications. We offer a wide array of UHF UCODE 7  Gen2 & Aline H3 RFID tags that will work and perform well in any implemented RFID system.

Our wide array of RFID tags provide great read range and application flexibility with the ability to be placed on any type of surface: metal, glass, wood, plastic, cardboard