PassPoint Access Control System was Northern Computers, INC, from ADEMCO GROUP. The Ademco (now Honeywell) key cards encoded with Ademco 34bit A14001 Proprietary Format.
PTPROX25 is a package of 25 proximity cards exclusively for the Ademco PassPoint System.
PTKEY10 is a package of 10 proximity Key Fobs exclusively for the Ademco PassPoint System.
Facility code and card numbers are managed by the manufacturer, all cards leaving the factory are unique, no duplications are guaranteed.
Text printed on card: XXX-YYY-ZZZZZZwhere XXX = facility/site code (001 being shipped as of Aug/2017),YYY = RCM (04 being shipped as of Aug/2017)ZZZZZZ =card number.
NubianRFID provide specifies facility code and card number; Logo and Number Printing