RFID UHF Printable Label Sticker 9662

Nubian RFID Providing 860~960MHz UHF RFID Label Sticker for Europe and Norther America.

Different Antenna Shape and Size. Paper and PET surface for Choice. Customize Size for different usage scenario. 

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UHF Label structure

9662 INLAY Tag

 DRY INLAY  =  PET + Aluminium Antenna  Chip  

 WET INLAY  DRY INLAY  + GLUE + Release Liner

 Paper Label Sticker  WET INLAY  + Paper Surface Material

 PET Label Sticker  =  WET INLAY  + PET Surface Material

NubianRFID provide all types of UHF inlay Label Sticker Tag for different using. Email [email protected] your requirement detials, our senior sale assistant will offer best price to you.

Part of UHF Inlay Chips:

UHF Label Sticker Printing:

UHF Sticker Printing 099Customize UHF Sticker

NUBIAN INTERNATIONAL RFID product customization and manufacturing services. 
Providing PVC cards, RFID contactless cards, RFID token, RFID wristbands, RFID key fob, tags & labels and RFID antenna customization. 

Offering RFID tags and labels in a variety of different sizes and styles. 

 We offer both preprinted and on-site printable RFID options to accommodate any type of tracking or work-in-process application.

 No matter the size of the asset we have a label option to fit your needs or can custom design a solution to fit the exact specifications. We offer a wide array of UHF UCODE 7  Gen2 & Aline H3 RFID tags that will work and perform well in any implemented RFID system.