HF UHF Aluminium Etching Antenna Label Sticker2018-11-12

Aluminum Etching Antenna Structure

RFID antenna

RFID Aluminum Antenna Contact High Frequency 13.56MHz and Ultrahigh Frequency 860~960MHz Chip.

High Frequency Frequency 13.56MHz Chip cover Mifare Class 1k , Mifare Class 4k, Fudan 1k, Fudan 4k, Mifare Desfire 1K, Mifare Desfire 4K, Ultralight EV1, Ultralight C,

NTAG213/215, Icode , etc High frequency RFID chips.

860~960MHz Ultrahigh Frequency cover Alien Higgs 3, IMPINJ Monza 4NXP UCODE 7 etc Ultrahigh Frequency Chips.

Aluminum Antenna can form to Inlay, Wet Inlay, PET Label Sticker and Paper Label Sticker.

RFID Label Sticker Using on:

RFID jewelry management RFID CD TagNFC StickerRFID Tamper proof

 RFID Jewelry Management                        RFID CD Dis Management                   NFC Phone Tag                 RFID Tamper-Proof NFC Label 

HF Library Tag rfid  RFID Supply Chain Management

                                                  RFID Library Tag                                                         RFID Supply Chain Management

Alien ALN-9662

UHF RFID TAG FOR wearhouseUHF Tag for supply chain management