RFID on Graziery2018-12-20

  • rfid animal tags● RFID Animal tags identify individual animals quickly. When paired with suitable software, you can track medical records, health status and yield in a smart and transparent way.
  • ● RFID Animal Tags assists in positively identifying the real owner of an animal.
  • ● Enables settling insurance claims faster and helps detect fraudulent claims.
  • ● Helps state and regional government manage subsidies more transparently.
  • ● Helps owners secure bank funding and loans - prove those animals are really yours!
  • ● Enables stray livestock to be retrieved by their owners.
  • ● Enables health authorities to rapidly react to spread of diseases among livestock using demographic grouped data.

RFID Pigeon Ringsinjection tagsrfid ear tags

      RFID Animal Foot Rings                     RFID BIO-Glass Injection Tags                                RFID Animal Ear Tags

Nubian-RFID contactless RFID transponders help manage and safeguard livestock, pets, lab animals and products in the food supply chain.