HID Fabric Wristband 26bit2019-03-25

                         NubianRFID NW-08 Proximity Wristband HID 26Bit 

NubianRFID NW-08 Proximity Wristband encoding with HID 26-bit.

NW-08 wristband Black watch head laser Card number with Black Velcro Fabric Band.

Proximity Chip encoding HID 26 bit format custom facility code and card number.

hid key card fabric wristband

 The Standard HID 26-Bit Format as know as Wiegand 26 Format:

The format in which a card is programmed is determined by the data pattern that will be compatible with the access control
panel. All HID credentials (card, fobs, tags, wristband etc.) can be programmed with the standard 26-bit card data format.
The Standard 26-bit Format is an Open Format. With facility code and Card number programmed.

Facility code: 1~255

Card number: 1~65,535 available

An Open Format means that anyone can buy NubianRFID cards in a specific format and that specifc format description is publicly
available. The 26-bit format is a widely used industry standard and is available to all HID customers. Almost all access
control systems accept the standard 26-bit format. 26-bit originated with true Wiegand swipe card technology.

Proximity Wristband Attach To Reader:

HID site codeHID facility code

HID Key card facility codeHID Format Key card FC

HID 26bit Format: Facility Code: 7, Card Number 991.

( Wiegand 26 )     Facility Code: 7, Card Number 997.

                          Facility Code: 7, Card Number 999... 

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