HID Proximity Cards, Key Tags, & Fobs are fully supported by NubianProx Credentials. Like HID Part Number:
-HID 1326 Clamshell Card
-HID 1386 CR80 Standard PVC card
-HID 1346 Key fob
-HID 1391 Tag Sticker
-HID 1586 CR80 Composite 40% Polyester/PVC card
-HID 1336 DouProx CR80 Standard PVC with Magnetic strip card
-HID 1536 DouProx CR80 Composite 40% Polyester/PVC with Magnetic strip card
Besides these proximity keys, NubianRFID also has all shapes of Epoxy Key Fobs and Bracelets for choice.

The most common HID credentials formats working to HID Prox readers and multiCLASS readers:
-HID H10301 format AKA HID 26bit, Wiegand 26;
-HID H10302 format without facility code AKA HID 37bit, Wiegand 37;
-HID H10304 format with facility code AKA HID 37bit, Wiegand 37;
-HID Corporate 1000 format AKA Corp1000 35bit;
-HID D10202 format AKA HID 33bit, Wiegand 33;
The following are part of NubianProx HID H10301 format credentials: