5x5 RFID PVC Prelam inlay

5×5 PVC prelam is a pre-production PVC card lamination inlay exclusively for PVC card printing plant.

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Material: PVC lamination 5x5

Sizes (Inner Diameter ): 320×464mm, Antenna size 40×70mm  or customize 

Operating Frequency: LF(125KHz), HF(13.56MHz) or UHF(915MHz)

Available RFID Chip types: 

125 KHZ Low Frequency  

TK4100           ISO/IEC 18000-2 
T5577             ISO/IEC 18000-2 
EM4100           ISO/IEC 18000-2 
EM4200           ISO/IEC 18000-2 
EM4305           ISO/IEC 11784/11785 
Hitag 1            ISO/IEC 11784/11785 
Hitag 2            ISO/IEC 11784/11785 
Hitag S256       ISO/IEC 11784/11785 
Hitag S2048     ISO/IEC 11784/11785 


Mifare Class 1k S50                 ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Class 4k S70                 ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Desfire 2k D21              ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Desfire 4k D41              ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Desfire 8k D81              ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Ultralight EV-1              ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Ultralight C                  ISO/IEC14443A
F08 (Mifare 1 Compatible)       ISO/IEC14443A
F32 (Mifare 4K Compatible)     ISO/IEC14443A
I-CODE 2                              ISO/IEC 15693
I-CODE SLI                            ISO/IEC 15693
I-CODE SLI-X                         ISO/IEC 15693
I-CODE SLI-S                         ISO/IEC 15693
I-CODE ILT                            ISO/IEC 15693
SRI 512                                ISO/IEC 14443B    

NFC chip:
NTAG 203         ISO/IEC14443A
NTAG 213         ISO/IEC14443A
NTAG215          ISO/IEC14443A
NTAG 216         ISO/IEC14443A


Alien Higgs-3(ALN-H3)          ISO/IEC1800-6C
Ucode Gen2                        ISO/IEC1800-6C
MONZA 4                            ISO/IEC1800-6C 

MONZA 5                            ISO/IEC1800-6C

5×5 PVC prelam is a pre-production PVC card lamination inlay exclusively for PVC card printing plant.

NUBIAN INTERNATIONAL RFID product customization and manufacturing services. 
Providing PVC cards, RFID contactless cards, RFID token, 
RFID wristbands, RFID key fob, tags & labels and RFID antenna customization. 

Nubian- RFID tags are leaders in durability and reliability in the industry and will exhibit a positive ROI. Our RFID products fit any application or situation including:

  • RFID Access Control card, Key Fobs, badge, Wristband
  • Live show event and Music Festival RFID ticket & wristband 
  • Guard Tour Patrol system RFID Checkpoint Tag Token
  • Universal & Universal Mini Asset Tag (Mount Anywhere) 
  • Library RFID books label tag
  • NFC Tags (Near Field Communications)
  • NFC Tags for NFC enabled Bluetooth speaker and headset
  • Onsite Printable Tags 
  • Durable Universal Hard Tags for Harsh Environments