Proximity and Contactless dual frequency Smart chips Card

Dual RFID chips card work with CASI ProxLite Proximity and Mifare contactless smart card readers. 

Provides a migration path to a contactless smart card system. Save your cost.

CR80 PVC dual frequency Chips smart Cards, two frequency chip in one card: 125KHz +13.56MHz 

Size: 54 x 86 mm 32±2 mil 

Frequency: 125KHz prox + 13.56MHz HF

Blank Card thermal printable or customize 4C+4C offset printing Door access key smart card

125KHz Prox option:                                                               13.56MHz High Frequency option:

  • TK4100, EM4100, T5577                                                    · Mifare 1k/4k Class
  • 26-bit H10301 comparable to HID;                                      · Mifare 1K compatible Fudan 1k F08
  • 26-bit 40134 comparable to INDALA;                                   · NFC ICODE SLIX, ICODE 2, ICODE SLI
  • 26-bit Pyramind System                                                      · NFC NTAG 213, NTAG 215
  • 26-bit AWID format compare to GR-AWID;                           · NFC Ultralight EV1, Ultralight C
  • 34-bit Honeywell(Northern) Quadrakey;                               · Mifare Desfire EV1 2K, 4K
  • 35-bit comparable to HID® Corporate 1000;                   · Mifare Plus S X 2K, 4K   etc
  • 37-bit H10302 comparable to HID;
  • 37-bit H10304comparable to HID;
  • 40-bit C10106 comparable to GE CASI-RUSCO;
  • 50-bit RBH 50
  • KeyScan etc

This card combine 125KHz proximity and 13.56MHz contactless chips. Working with CASI ProxLite Proximity and Mifare contactless smart card readers. Provides a migration path to a contactless smart card system. save your cost.

NubianRFID's dual chips card working on 125KHz Low Frequency HID and 13.56MHz Mifare NFC too.

Contact [email protected] for detail. 

NUBIAN INTERNATIONAL RFID product customization and manufacturing services. 
Providing PVC cards, RFID contactless cards, RFID token, 
RFID wristbands, RFID key fob, tags & labels and RFID antenna customization. 

Nubian- RFID tags are leaders in durability and reliability in the industry and will exhibit a positive ROI. Our RFID products fit any application or situation including:

  • RFID Access Control card, Key Fobs, badge, Wristband
  • Live show event and Music Festival RFID ticket & wristband 
  • Guard Tour Patrol system RFID Checkpoint Tag Token
  • Universal & Universal Mini Asset Tag (Mount Anywhere) 
  • Library RFID books label tag
  • NFC Tags (Near Field Communications)
  • NFC Tags for NFC enabled Bluetooth speaker and headset
  • Onsite Printable Tags 
  • Durable Universal Hard Tags for Harsh Environments 

Nubian-RFID had launched Proximity Credentials including 8 Formats save your cost:
  • 26-bit H10301 comparable to HID®
  • 26-bit 40134 comparable to INDALA®
  • 26-bit AWID format compare go GR-AWID®
  • 34-bit Honeywell(Northern) Quadrakey®
  • 35-bit comparable to HID® Corporate 1000
  • 37-bit H10302 comparable to HID®
  • 37-bit H10304comparable to HID®
  • 40-bit C10106 comparable to GE CASI-RUSCO®

Offering RFID tags and labels in a variety of different sizes and styles. 

We offer both preprinted and on-site printable RFID options to accommodate any type of tracking or work-in-process application.

 Our wide array of RFID tags provide great read range and application flexibility with the ability to be placed on any type of surface: metal, glass, wood, plastic, cardboard