RFID ABS Clamshell Card

RFID clamshell card RFID transponder . Available in kinds of Proximity chips, NFC chips with attractive colors and sizes . Clamshell card used for RFID access control  Trade show badges, marketing events and membership. Like 24hours gym access control for

Material:               ABS

Proximity clamshell card

Dimensions:        86 x 54 x 1.8mm

Printing:              4-colours offset printing, Pantone Colors

Numbering:         Injet printing ID number

Chip:      125KHz LF, 13.56MHz HF and 915MHz UHF

Customized options: Availble for dual frequency LF+HF, LF+UHF or HF+UHF 

Available RFID Chip types: 

125 KHz Low Frequency  

TK4100         ISO/IEC 18000-2 
T5577           ISO/IEC 18000-2 
EM4100        ISO/IEC 18000-2 
EM4200        ISO/IEC 18000-2 
EM4305        ISO/IEC 11784/11785 
Hitag 1          ISO/IEC 11784/11785 
Hitag 2          ISO/IEC 11784/11785 
Hitag S256    ISO/IEC 11784/11785 
Hitag S2048  ISO/IEC 11784/11785 

13.56 MHz HF TAGS

Mifare Class 1k S50                ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Class 4k S70                ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Desfire 2k D21             ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Desfire 4k D41             ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Desfire 8k D81             ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Ultralight EV-1             ISO/IEC14443A
Mifare Ultralight C                  ISO/IEC14443A
F08 (Mifare 1 Compatible)     ISO/IEC14443A
F32 (Mifare 4K Compatible)   ISO/IEC14443A
I-CODE 2                  ISO/IEC 15693
I-CODE SLI               ISO/IEC 15693
I-CODE SLI-X            ISO/IEC 15693
I-CODE SLI-S            ISO/IEC 15693
I-CODE ILT               ISO/IEC 15693
SRI 512                    ISO/IEC 14443B    

NFC chip:
NTAG 203            ISO/IEC14443A
NTAG 213            ISO/IEC14443A
NTAG215             ISO/IEC14443A
NTAG 216            ISO/IEC14443A

Ucode Gen2                      ISO/IEC1800-6C
MONZA 4                          ISO/IEC1800-6C 
MONZA 5                          ISO/IEC1800-6C
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