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Access Control Prox Card Brands

Proximity cards, or access control cards, are available from many manufacturers. HID was the first, and the larges, maker of prox cards but your options have greatly expanded in the last few years so you can now source cards from different brands. 

HID Prox Cards

The worldwide leader in access control systems, HID Global offers the largest selection of prox cards, readers, and software. With RFID card systems in use since the 1990s, HID has systems in use across the world.

HID prox cards come in a wide selection of styles including PVC and composite, ISO Prox for printing, clamshell cards, DuoProx magnetic stripe cards, key fobs and tags, and active tags for cars. Each card is custom printed and programmed to your organization’s specifications, creating a secure system.

In addition, HID has created the Corporate 1000 program allowing organizations to register their program and keep a log of their cards to prevent card duplication when ordering your next set of cards.


Applied Wireless IDentifications Group, Inc. (“AWID”) is a world-wide leading provider of RFID products and solutions for embedded markets, security industries, and fast-growth value-added RFID solutions. With our focus on OEM, distributor, VAR and SI channel management, AWID has been able to capitalize on current industry trends, effectively address solution issues, and rapidly grow business.

AWID is dedicated to continuously innovating and expanding its product lines of RFID modules, readers, and tags, spanning LF, HF and UHF technologies to meet our ever-increasing customers’ demands. Over the years in operation, our company has established strong relationships with customers by focusing on targeted markets, industries and applications.


Founded in 1986, Kantech (part of Tyco Security Products) designs, markets and supports integrated access control technologies that are ready to use right out of the box. Kantech's solutions provide a compact, entry-level solution for smaller businesses while the EntraPass access control software combines with the powerful KT-300 or KT-400 door controllers to provide enhanced capabilities for enterprise scale applications. For additional convenience and security, Kantech solutions can easily link to American Dynamics Intellex digital video management systems to provide an integrated access control and video solution. Kantech also offers out-of-the box integration with intrusion detection and telephone entry systems. All managed from a unified software package

Keri System

one of the world's most popular providers of access control and integrated security systems. Offer systems to meet requirements of all types, from simple systems for just a few doors to systems with larger scale and even enterprise requirements, with integrated video, photo badging, biometric, graphic maps, telephone entry and many other powerful features. Keri hardware can be deployed using traditional proprietary security networking techniques, or standard TCP/IP networking utilizing your existing network or one dedicated to the security system. But we're more than just a products company. Since our inception in 1990, Keri have prided ourselves on quality, ease of installation and use, and customer service.


Since 1995 RBH Access Technologies has been known for quality and innovative design. Product design and manufacturing takes place at our Brampton, Ontario facility in Canada. Sales, distribution, and support centers around the world provide services tailored to local customer’s needs as we market our products through an international network of security dealers and systems integrators. Selective dealer recruitment and comprehensive training ensure highest customer satisfaction. RBH's Access Control systems have been installed in +100 countries, on five continents, and in multiple languages.

Keyscan Access Control System

Keyscan is a widely recognized name in the security industry equipping businesses, organizations, and institutions with integrated access control systems that regulate and monitor building access for greater security. Keyscan systems can be integrated with closed circuit television systems and building maintenance systems, control multiple buildings over vast geographic areas, produce extensive management audit reports, incorporate biometric devices, such as finger print scanners, and even E-mail alarm messages to cell phones.

Some of other Generic Access Control Prox Cards: 

HID access controlAWID Key CardIndala proximity cardkantechkeri systemkeyscan access controlRBH cardcasi ruscoquadrakey

For a full list of your prox card options, contact the experts at NubianRFID to discuss your options.