Get low cost Proximity key for your HID, AWID, RBH, Quadrkaey, Kantech, AMAG Key-cards Access Control Systems2020-05-18

Contactless proximity access control is the fastest-growing access control for decade. Historically, the most important provider of key cards is HID International --it produces, distributes and sells access cards using their proximity subscribers. Also there are most popular and worldwide used like AWID, RBH 50, Kantech, Keycan, Farpointe Pyramid, Quadrakey from NexWatch Honeywell, Honeywell OmniProx, Admeco, AMAG SETEC, LiftMaster Sentex, and CASI-RUSCO.

hid proxAWID Proximiy cardKantech xsf Proximity card

keyscan key cardRBH AWID 50bitquadrakey nexwatch

All these brands using self-own proprietary proximity format for their physical access control system.
Few years using after run out of key cards, user have to spend a very high price buy their particular credentials average 3~5 USD per unit.
Otherwise you have to spend more money replace the access control systems. This would be a burden for small organization end user.

Good News that more companies like NubianRFID launch their compatible credentials key card to the market with half of the price help end-user save lot of money for their small system.
NubianRFID Compatible key cards supported most of the popular proximity access control systems.
NubianRFID proximity key cards working on the proximity readers including:
-HID Prox H10301, H10302, H10304;
-AWID, AWID 50bit RBH;
-Quadrakey, NexKey, KeyMat, NexWatch (Now Honeywell);
-Farpointe Pyramid, Pyramid MAXSecure;
-Honeywell OmniProx, Honeywell Ademco PassPointe;
-LiftMaster Sentex;

The proximity key cards not only clamshell card and PVC card, it also can be a wristband, key fob, Epoxy key fob working with the access controll system. Contact [email protected] choice the card type that will work best for your organization