NubianRFID Hotel Key Card for most popular RFID hotel room locks

Nubian RFID Key Credentials supported most popular RFID hotel room locks save your cost.

Supported hotel Lock : VingCard, SALTO, Level/Kale, MIWALock, ACCULock, TSS,

                                 HAFELE, WOLFER, Betech, Bonwin, LOCCA, ORBITA, YGS,

                                 Tengo, HUNELOCK, KERI, EM-MARIN, ADEL.

NubianRFID Credentials provide ISO Credit size Card, Key Fobs or wristbands can be choice as your hotel room key.

For security reason most hotels choice most famous and popular hotel room lock brands.

Each brands of hotel lock has their exclusive key card. Hotelier have to spend very high price purchase exclusive key card from lock system provider every year.

NubianRFID untie exclusive key card for most popular lock systems, provide acceptable price key card for RFID hotel locks. 

Currently support:

  • VingCard
  • Level/Kale
  •  MIWALock
  •  ACCULock
  • TSS
  • Betech
  • Bonwin
  •  YGS                                    
  • Tengo
  • KERI
  • ADEL

You can provide samples to us if your hotel lock didn't on above list.

Beside key card, you can choice other types of RFID credentials like Key Fobs and Wristbands.

All models of our RFID credentials support these hotel lock.

Contact [email protected] for more info.

NubianRFID RFID Key for Hotel Lock system advantage:

  • Low Cost 
  • Personality design Logo printing
  • Short Delivery time

VingCard System Key card            VingCard Hotel Key Fob  VingCard wristband

 Credit Card Size VingCard Hotel PVC Card     VingCard Hotel system Key fob    Wristband for VingCard System